2019 Board Candidates

Proposed Constitution and Bylaws



Like most of our coaches, I had never played in a soccer game before I got the call letting me know that my son's team needed a coach. Thanks to that call, I have been coaching with NASA for over 15 years, and have been active on the Board for most of the last 10 years. I am committed to NASA's mission of providing soccer opportunities to the widest possible range of youth players, in order to lay the groundwork for a lifelong participation in the sport. I view recreational soccer as the critical strategy to achieve those goals. My goal as a Board member in the coming year would be to continue broaden participation in club activities and to continue to expand the resources available to our coaches and players.



My name is Tom Cole, and my daughter plays for the NASA Pumas. I am so lucky to be able to say that I have been part of my daughter's soccer team since she was in kindergarten, and she is about to start high school.  Soccer, and NASA, have brought us more gifts than I can count.  I feel I owe all the leaders of NASA so much, that when asked to help by officially serving on the board, I simply could not say no.  Besides, they made clear that because I already attend the Board meetings, they could actually draft me whether I ran or not...  I figure this way I could still get my picture in the paper. :-)



Shane Lewis has coached youth soccer in North Austin for over 15 years and has served on the NASA Board since 2008. Primary interest in serving on the Board is to help ensure that field maintenance projects remain cost effective. His vast institutional knowledge allows him to predict with uncanny accuracy both where the weeds will be at their worst next season -- as well as where people probably should have thrown out more seed.  As a result of his tireless efforts, the patches of nice soccer grass continue to grow ever larger and more contiguous on a number of NASA fields.



I got pulled into coaching when my older daughter started playing back in 2005. I knew little about soccer, but came to love the game as I gradually learned more about it, and grew to love NASA as well. My daughter has done both select soccer and recreational, and while I do believe there is a usefulness to select soccer, I staunchly believe that there must be an alternative for kids (and adults!) whose only reasons for playing are recreation, exercise, friends and fun -- especially the latter. I'm glad NASA is here to fulfill that need, and I am committed to keeping NASA focused on that mission.


While my soccer experience is limited to the few years I played as a child & the 3 seasons my daughter has played I do have ENTHUSIASM for the game & for NASA. I was coach her 1st season & had no idea what I was doing - thank goodness we don't keep score at our teams age! It was a great learning experience & I knew I wanted to take on a larger role in the organization from the start. I've been amazed at the level of involvement of the Board members whose kids no longer play, but who still want to share the sport with as many kids as possible. I am dedicated to serving NASA and its commitment to improve our community through soccer.



Over the last nine years, with three kids growing up playing soccer for NASA, I have been involved as a "soccer dad," a team manager, an assistant coach, a coach, and a NASA Board member, and also had the honor of serving as the club's President for the last two years. I appreciate NASA's commitment to youth soccer and its sincere desire to provide a safe environment where kids of all ages and levels can enjoy the beautiful sport of soccer and so, I am committed to continuing to serve our community through my involvement with the Board.