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Board Candidates 2015


Like most of our coaches, I had never played in a soccer game before I got the call letting me know that my son's team needed a coach. Thanks to that call, I have been coaching with NASA for over 12 years, and have been active on the board for most of the last 8 years. I am committed to NASA's mission of providing soccer opportunities to the widest possible range of youth players, in order to lay the groundwork for a lifelong participation in the sport. I view recreational soccer as the critical strategy to achieve those goals. My goal as a board member in the coming year would be to continue broaden participation in club activities and to continue to expand the resources available to our coaches and players.

I have been involved with soccer and serving the soccer community since my son started playing in 2006. I served as a coach and a board member for Cheltenham Sports in Pennsylvania from 2006 until my relocation to Texas in 2011. I joined NASA as a coach in 2012 and become a board member in 2013. A couple of my NASA initiatives in 2013 were the rebranding of the organization and the clubs’ new uniforms and spirit wear. I enjoy NASA because it is a true recreational youth soccer program. I am looking forward to continue supporting NASA with my energy and enthusiasm to better serve our community.

I have enjoyed my past two years of service on the NASA board. I hope we can continue as a volunteer organization to grow both in size and in outreach to the Austin community. Our partnerships with  AISD provide opportunities to enrich our community at large.  I hope we can strengthen these relationships and find new schools to work with in the future. NASA is a wonderful grass roots organization. Volunteers are our greatest strength. As we grow, we need to increase our volunteer base and increase involvement in work days and committee positions. It  would be an honor to work for your children and our community for another year. Thank you for your consideration.

The thing I love most about NASA is that it is inclusive. NASA is committed to providing a healthy and safe environment for all children in our community to enjoy learning and playing the game of soccer. Regardless of whether your family is wealthy or poor, whether your child is a novice player or experienced, whether your child is obviously talented or has talents that have yet to emerge, your child is enthusiastically welcome at NASA.

At least one of my four children has been playing soccer for NASA since 1994.  Shortly after that, I volunteered to do field work and in 1999, joined the Board of Directors.  Since then, I've served for two years as President, two years as VP, and six years as Treasurer.  If you'll have me, I'll continue to work to make NASA the prime provider of fun, affordable, high-quality soccer for children in Austin. Thank you!

Seven years ago, the first of my three kids started playing soccer under the auspices of NASA. Over these years, I have been involved as a "soccer dad," a team manager, an assistant coach, a coach, as well as a NASA board member for the last two years, and I have loved every minute of it! I appreciate NASA's commitment to youth soccer and its sincere desire to provide a safe environment where kids of all ages and levels can enjoy the beautiful sport of soccer. My goals as President in the coming year will be to reach even more kids in our community, to provide them and our coaches with more and better resources, and to broaden NASA's appeal as the terrific volunteer organization that it is.
Marci Shafto

Marci Shafto

I joined the NASA board this year as Treasurer. I have served clients and built an excellent reputation during a 20 year Accounting CPA career in Austin, Texas. I enjoy volunteering for youth athletics and helping kids have fun playing soccer.