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NASA Board

NASA Volunteers & Service Providers

PresidentDave Campbell512-731-5013dave@northaustinsoccer.org
Vice President Christos Christou        
Past President Alexis Takvorian 512-773-1005atak@northaustinsoccer.org
Financial Director

Secretary Alexis Takvorian
Executive Administrator Rick Jacobsen 512-627-3327 Admin@NorthAustinSoccer.org
School Liaison

Field Preparation Shane Lewis 512-550-8268
Div IV Commissioner

Div III Commissioner

Div II-SII-D1 Commissioner

Commissioner of Coaches Rick Jacobsen           
Registrar Rick Jacobsen 512-627-3327 Rick@NorthAustinSoccer.org
Referee Assignor
U05 to U08
Coleen & Rick Jacobsen 512-454-1816 Ref@NorthAustinSoccer.org
Referee Assignor
U09 to U18
Aubrey Daniels 512-517-0862 aubrey.daniels@hotmail.com
Game/Practice Field Scheduler
CAYSA U11 to U18
Lee Nichols 512-796-9877 scheduler@asdgsoccer.org
Game/Practice Field Scheduler
U5 to U10
Rick Jacobsen 512-627-3327 Rick@NorthAustinSoccer.org
Referee Commissioner Rick Jacobsen 512-627-3327 Rick@NorthAustinSoccer.org
Uniforms Christos Christou 267-633-1033 chchristou@yahoo.com
Picture & Trophy Coordinator

Pictures - Field Photography Sherwin Field 512-296-7077 sherwin@fieldphotography.com
Davis Field Scheduler Larry Sears 512-796-5601 lws_2@yahoo.com
Summitt Field Scheduler Yolanda BazDresch 512-218-9817 bazdreschcox@sbcglobal.net
Field Maintenance & Sprinklers

ASDG Representative Dave Campbell 512-731-5013 dave@northaustinsoccer.org
ASDG Representative

ASDG Representative Alison Guckenberger
512-231-9493 guckenberger@sbcglobal.net
CAYSA Representative Rick Jacobsen 512-627-3327 Rick@NorthAustinSoccer.org
CAYSA Representative Dave Campbell 512-731-5013 dave@northaustinsoccer.org
COA Representative Dave Campbell 512-731-5013 dave@northaustinsoccer.org
D and P Committee Chair

D and P Committee

D and P Committee

NASA Board Fall & Spring 2017/2018

 Dave Campbell 512-731-5013  dave@northaustinsoccer.org
 Patrick Choiniere  
 Christos Christou 267-633-1033 chchristou@yahoo.com
 Damian Clark-Warren 512-719-5145 d_cw3413@yahoo.com
 Andrea Falkin
 Alison Guckenberger 512-231-9493 guckenberger@sbcglobal.net
 Shane Lewis 512-550-8268 gsl@mail.texas.edu
 Lee Nichols
 Ashley Perraud
 Alexis Takvorian