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Prarent Duties

Team Parent/Manager, Field Maintenance and Parent Information

Team Parent/Manager's Duties Include:

1. Getting answers to questions presented by coaches, parents or players.
2. Represent team at the monthly NASA General Meeting held 1st Monday of each month at the Clubhouse (Verify Date and Location on Calendar)
3. Assist the coach when needed:

  • Picking Up and Passing out uniforms
  • Calling parents when a practice or game has been rained out, canceled or rescheduled
  • Verify that Field Maintenance is scheduled to set up or take down field equipment
  • Coordinating with parents and players to assure timely attendance at team functions
  • Assigning parents to a drink schedule for games and tournaments. (Recommend only water at halftime)
  • Collecting picture envelopes/orders/payments for the team on Picture Day
  • Verifying team roster and spelling of names and forwarding to the NASA Registrar by 1st game of the season
  • Coordinating Fall or Spring 'End-of-Season' CAYSA Tournament (Under 9 and Above)
  • Scheduling and coordinating 'End-of-Season' party

Field Maintenance Rep's Duties Include (Should Have 1 or 2 Parents):

1. Setting up the field on game day (putting up nets and lining field) or taking down equipment when you play the first game or last game of the day. It takes ½ hour for Under 8 and below and 1 hour for U-10 and above.
2. Field Maintenance:

  • Keeping the storage units clean and orderly and the equipment operational
  • Helping fertilize field at the end of season (usually not required)
  • Help mow, with NASA mowers, if grass has not been cut by the city (rarely required)

Parent's Responsibilities:

1. Assure that your child:

  • Arrive at practice on time
  • Arrive 20 minutes before game time
  • Is dressed properly
2. Be sure that you have drinks when scheduled
3. Help the Parent and Field Reps as much as possible
4. We Welcome:
  • Applauding good plays by either team; ignoring errors
  • Congratulations for the winner and encouragement for the loser
  • Laughter!! Remember, the point of our program is to have fun
5. We Do Not Welcome:
  • Criticism of any player or play
  • Criticism of the coach or referee
  • Abusive language

Rainout Number (Under 5 through U10 Games): 404-1290 (Recording)

Soccer is an all-weather sport. Games will only be canceled when playing conditions represent a hazard to the safety of the players. Players are to be at the field ready to play unless otherwise notified.