Coach Background Check Instructions

All NASA Background Checks are handled on behalf of South Texas Youth Soccer Association by an organization called Sports Affinity.  The process can be a little bit complicated.  Please do your best to follow the instructions below.  If you get stuck, send email to .....

Step 1:  Log into affinity.  
  1. Click this link to get to the login page with Affinity.  It looks like this

  2. In the box labeled "Select Registration type(s)", select "Coach / Admin Registration"
  3. If you are the parent of a Div. III player, in all likelihood you will already be in the affinity system.  To avoid confusion, please try to use this existing account
    • If you know your username and password (e.g. from past registration), please enter them in the box labeled "Option 1: Returning player/member please login using your username and password".  Then click "Login"
    • If you don't know your username and pasword, click on "Forgot UserName / Password" and follow the instructions.  If all goes well, you'll get an email with a link to reset your password.  You should then be able to log in.
  4. If you know you are not in the affinity system, or if you were unable to retrieve a username/password in step 3 above, please click "Create New Account" and follow the instructions. 
Step 2:  Complete the background check 
Now that you have created an account (if necessary) and logged into affinity you should see a screen like this (I've blacked out personal information about myself and my family):
  1. If the coach (ie you) isn't listed click "Add New Parent/Guardian" and add yourself
  2. Click "Continue" You'll see as screen like this:
  3. There should be a button labeled "Register as Coach/Admin" next to your name.  Go ahead and click it.
  4. A window will pop up, titled "Register <your name> as Admin.  
  5. Choose from the pulldown-menu under "Select Level"
    • If you are coaching NASA players U5-U10, choose "Rec D4"
    • If you are coaching NASA players U11-U19, and you don't know differently, choose "Rec D3"
    • If you know your team is playing D2, Super 2, or Rec+ (Academy)  make the appropriate choice. 
  6. Be sure to choose scroll to the bottom, put in your driver's license info and choose "Yes" in answer to the question "do you want to coach?"
  7. Click "Save"
That's as far as I can guide you without actually creating a new registration. Unfortunately I completed my registration and didn't think to document the instructions but the rest of the process should be straightforward. When you complete it, you should get email from "" thanking you for registering.   It will also ask you to "please submit your check payment to North Austin Soccer Alliance"  Please ignore this request! 

Thanks for volunteering to coach with NASA