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Manager's Information (U11-U19)

Manager's General Information
Division I, Super II, Div II, Div III (Under 11 - Under 19)

Thank you for your willingness to manage/coach your child's team this year. If this is your first time to coach or manage this age group, there is more that you have to do than in Under 10 and below.

The NASA Division III (Under 11+) Commissioner is Rick Jacobsen (  Moving to full-sized soccer is more challenging to coach, but also to manage.

If you are a coach, do your best to get one of your parents to volunteer to be a manager. In Under 11 and older, it's really not fair to expect you to coach and manage.

You have received or will receive your team's schedule from your CAYSA Vice-President listed below. You also have received or will receive a contact list of the coaches/managers in your age group.

  • CAYSA VP Div 4 Boys & Girls (U5-U10) - Ron Davis at
  • CAYSA VP Div 4 Rec+/Academy - Arthuro Mendoza at
  • CAYSA VP Div 3 Boys U11-U19 - Karla Ayres at
  • CAYSA VP Div 3 Girls U11-U19 - Steve Frontiera at
  • CAYSA VP Div 2 Jr Boys (U11-U14) - Steve Jaegar at
  • CAYSA VP Div 2 Sr Boys (U15-U19) - Steve Jaegar at
  • CAYSA VP Div 2 Girls (U11-U19) - Alvin Packard at
  • CAYSA VP Super 2 Boys (U11-U19) - Paul Casey at

First thing is to contact both the NASA U11+ Scheduler, (info below) and your opposing team's counterpart to a) reserve your practice field/time, b) reserve home game fields and c) confirm that the opposing team can make it! For the first couple of games, it's safer to reserve the field to get a slot - which you can change later.

There are several items below:
1. How to reserve a practice field
2. How to register your team
3. How to reserve a field for "Home" games
4. How to change your game schedule
5. How to have your home games listed on TeamStats
6. How to pay the referees for home games
7. What to do with game cards
8. What to do with player cards
9. How to have TeamStats updated with game results
10. How to update your team name/team colors on TeamStats
11. How to document any 'red' or 'yellow' cards
12. Medical forms

1. Reserving a Practice Field: Click here for instructions. Contact the ASDG scheduler at if you need help.

2. Registering Your Team "On-Line":
Your CAYSA VP (see above) should send you an e-mail with a link to CAYSA. You will need to enter your player info based on the roster provided to you by the NASA Registrar. If your team is returning, make sure you find the option to copy from a prior season, then do adds and deletes from there as it is MUCH easier and faster that way. If this is your first season, you will need to enter the data. If you don't have uniforms yet, you can either leave the uniform number blank or add it and change it later. You want to have the correct uniform numbers before your first game as these are used for cards (yellow & red) and scores

3. Reserving a Field for Home Games:
Your counterpart will schedule games where they are the home team, but you work with the ASDG Field Scheduler to schedule your home games (see link below). THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT. If you don't do this, you won't have a field or referees. On the flip side, if you change your home game schedule and don't work that through with the field scheduler, you will be responsible for paying the referees and may forfeit that game. Click here for detailed instructions.

4. Changing a Game Schedule:
When you have to change, due to conflicts or to weather or whatever, you have to 1) let the CAYSA VP know of the cancellation and reason, 2) work with the ASDG field scheduler to get a new field by sending email with the game to be rescheduled and reason. and 3) update the CAYSA VP with the new time and place (having agreed with your opposing team, of course). DO THIS AS SOON AS YOU LEARN YOU HAVE TO RESCHEDULE to avoid paying referee fees where you didn't play the game.

5. Updating TeamStats with Game Schedules:
Once you have your home games scheduled and agreed to by your competing coach, then you let CAYSA VP know what the schedule is - time, field, competitor. Just send them an e-mail with the schedule. Note that it's really best to confirm with your opponent first, but you can do this at the same time - send the note to the CAYSA VP and then call or e-mail your counterpart. Posting of your standings are kept on TeamStats (see link below) by your CAYSA VP.

6. Paying the Referees for Home Games:
For home games, you will receive a check from NASA for all of your games as well as referee receipts. As soon as you receive the number of home games from your CAYSA VP, email the administrator Rick Jacobsen at with the number of home games.  You do not have to have the dates, just the number.  The referee forms will have the amount to pay the centers and lines. You will pay the referees and have them sign the referee sheet.  The amount you pay when you have a stand-alone-game (no games scheduled before or after yours) will be more and will be noted on the referee receipts. If you have $$'s left over (sometimes a side doesn't show up), you can return it to NASA at the end of the season. YOU WILL NEED EXACT CHANGE, and WILL NEED CASH for the referees. Also below is a small Excel file to put in the number of games and tell you how many of each-sized bill you need when you go to the bank to cash the check.  PLEASE mail your referee receipts to the NASA PO Box as this is reported to the IRS.

7a. Game Cards - Filling Them In:
You provide game cards for home games, but better safe than sorry so print them off for away games as well. Go to and select the Manager Login for your age group / level of play. After logging in, go to Game Card and follow the instructions there for printing out the game card for the game. You won't want to do this until the day or so before the game in case there are changes.

7b. Game Cards - After a Game:
At the end of the game, if you are the team that wins or, in the case of a tie the home team, you will get the game card from the referee. DON'T let the referee leave the field with it, or you could end up with a forfeit! Make sure that the other coach has signed it (the referees are supposed to get the signatures, but you should check) and then make sure you sign it and that the score is correct. MAKE A COPY of the front and back (one suggestion is to scan them for an electronic copy), then stamp it, tape it, and put it in the mail to your CAYSA VP. Also send the CAYSA VP an e-mail with the game score within 48 hours of the game being played.

8. Player Cards:
The NASA Registrar will let us know when these are completed. If photo was not uploaded, you will need a passport type photo of each player, about 1¼" x 1¼" which you stick on the front of the cards. Players Do Not have to sign the cards and they must be laminated OVER the picture. One idea is to put the photos on the cards, laminate them using hard laminate, punch a whole in the corner so that you can put them all on a ring, and then take a sharpie marker to the next practice for signatures. You will need these starting the first game!

9. Updating TeamStats with Game Results:
Log back in to the manager log in and select game results. Enter the score there regardless of whether you won, lost or tied. If you are the winning team or the home team in the event of a tie, you will also need to e-mail your VP a scanned copy of your results as well as mailing him or her the card itself. It's redundant but it ensures the correct data is transmitted at the correct time. Failure to do so will result in a forfeit for the home team, so you don't want to forget!

10. Updating TeamStats with Team Name and Colors:
Send your CAYSA VP an e-mail with your updated team name (e.g., NASA U12 #1 team name should be NASA '93 Warriors) and your uniform colors. When you are the home team, you will need pennies or something to change colors if there is a color conflict. It's a good idea to e-mail or call your counterpart to validate colors and sort out any differences a few days before the game.

11. Recording 'Yellow' and 'Red' Cards:
During the game one of your players may receive a 'yellow' or 'red' card by the referee for an infringement of the rules. You will need to record these on the below STYSA Penalty Point Report form. You will have to have this filled out and certified by your CAYSA VP prior to playing in any tournaments during or after the season.  If a player receives a "Red" card, they can not play the next game.

12. Medical Forms:
You will be responsible for having a copy of each player's medical form. They will be turned in to you, NOT the registrar. Generally these are not needed except for tournaments, and, while it's best to have them notarized, for DIII, you would only need these at tournaments, and even then most times notarization is not required. It's a good idea to make copies of the medical forms for each of your coaches as well as they may need the information at a practice when you might not be able to make it.

Links to Documents:

Tournament Policy:
  • NASA will pay the tournament fee for championship tournament which require the team to earn its way into the tournament, e.g. those tournaments which are TRULY invitational. For this purpose, a tournament shall be considered invitational if and only if the NASA administrator receives an invitation from CAYSA or STYSA for the team in question.
  • NASA does not pay tournament fees for any elective tournaments, e.g. those tournaments attended at the team's choice.

If you have any questions, please contact the NASA Commissioner - he's there to help you navigate this maze.

Remember: "The Game is The Teacher”