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Scheduling Practices

We are very short on practice space.  To help us assign practice space an a fair an equitable way, we ask that you request your space using the on-line form by Friday Aug 18th. A account is no longer required.  

Practices can begin on Monday Aug 28th

Step 1) Check out the options for practice fields

Step 2) If you like, see what has already been requested 
(Note: the spreadsheet is read-only. Please don't "request access". Instead, use the form below to submit your request)

Step 3) Have a look at the field scheduling policy - it might affect what you choose to request

Step 4)  Use this form to request a practice time. 

The deadline for submitting requests is Friday Aug 18th  (any time before midnight, central time) 
  • You can change your mind, and submit a new request if needed.
  • Tips:
    • If you only request one practice per week, you are more likely to get your first choice.
    • If you request the priority time for your age group, you are more likely to get your first choice: 
      • U13-U14: 5:30-700, 
      • U15-U16: 7:00-8:30 
      • U16-U19: 8:30-10:00
    • Requesting the same time for two of your choices (e.g requesting Tuesday at 7:30 for first and second choice does not increase the likelihood that you will get that time slot.