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Team Calendar

Starting with the Fall 2013 season, all NASA U11-U19 teams will have access to a "team calendar" hosted by Google Calendar.   Scheduled Practices, and home matches will automatically be placed on your team's calendar. You can add your own events to the calendar such as away matches or parties.  You can share the calendar with your team to keep everyone informed of team events. 

Here's how to access your team's calendar:

You will need a NASA account to access and administer your team's calendar.   You can use the same account that you used to submit a practice request.   Don't have a NASA account because someone else submitted your practice requests?   Request one by filling out this form.  Then, email and request that you be granted administrative access to your team's calendar. 

Visit and log in using the same nasa account that you used to submit your practice request.  After you log in, you should see a screen like this:

Note the upper right-hand corner - it should say <your-user-id>  If it does not, you should click on it, sign out, and try again. 

Note the section called "My Calendars" on the left.   It should have you, and then below, it should have your team's calendar (e.g. for me, that's team.N01D3G-Martin"   If it does not, then I've messed up sharing the calendar with you.  Let me know by emailing  

You can add your own events (e.g. away matches, team parties, etc) to this calendar and share it with the rest of your team if you like.   To do so, hover your cursor over your team's calendar name under "My Calendars", and click on the downwards-facing chevron that appears.  Then, choose "share this calendar?