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Coach/Managers's General Information

Division IV (Under 5 - Under 10)

1. Both teams playing the first game of the day are responsible for setting up goals and lining the fields.  If referees are not available for U-06 to U-08 games, each team will furnish one (1) referee for ½ of the game. Each team must furnish one (1) stitched ball for games.

2. Both teams playing the last game of the day are responsible for locking up the goals, and locking the storage containers/sheds.

3. Coaches are not allowed on the field during play. Exception: Under 5 coaches when using the "new ball" method. 

4. Players are not allowed to wear any jewelry. Players must wear shin guards under their socks so the referees can see the color of the socks. Jerseys must be tucked in. On cold days, uniforms must be worn over sweat suits and/or coats. Bandannas cannot be worn during games.

5. All substitutions must Enter/Exit the field at the halfway-line, after the player being substituted has left the playing field.

6.  U07-10 players and coaches should be on the opposite side of the field from parents, families & friends.

7. Rain-Out information will also be posted on the NASA website.

8. To cancel or reschedule games/referees contact:

9. Practices: Plan Lesson before Practice - Dress Like a Coach - Only 1 Topic per Practice - Don't have Players Standing In Lines - Incorporate Games for Drill - Keep Drills Simple and Fun - Scrimmage Each Session - Praise Loudly / Correct Quietly
NOTE: Recreation soccer does not require players to attend practices in order to play in games.

10. Games: Will be Played Regardless of Weather, Unless it is a Hazard to Players Safety - Don't Coach from the Sideline, Make Your Comments at the Half - Praise all Players at End of Game - Remind Players of Next Practice


AgeLength of GameGame FormatSize BallPractices Per Week
8 Min Qtrs
3 vs 3
1 per Week
3 x 12 Min
4 vs 4
1 per Week
20 Min Halves
7 vs 7
1per Week

12. Tournament Policy:

  • NASA will pay the tournament fee for championship tournament which require the team to earn its way into the tournament, e.g. those tournaments which are TRULY invitational. For this purpose, a tournament shall be considered invitational if and only if the NASA administrator receives an invitation from CAYSA or STYSA for the team in question.
  • NASA does not pay tournament fees for any elective tournaments, e.g. those tournaments attended at the team's choice.
Remember: "The Game is The Teacher”