U5-10 Fields Available for Fall-2017 Practice

NASA has permission to practice at the following AISD schools after school hours. It is the responsibility of each team to keep the fields clean. That means - take your trash with you.

NOTE: To schedule a field see instructions at the bottom of the page for each school.

Burnet Middle School
4 Under-05/06, 3 Under-07/08

Cook Elementary
2 Under-09/10, 1 Under 11/12

Davis Elementary
Not Scheduled Through NASA but Through:
Davis/NASA Volunteer Ryan Assunto at: 512-689-7479 or ryanassunto@gmail.com

1 Under-05/06, 1 Under-07/08, 1 Under-09/10
Spring at 5:00pm & 6:00pm and Fall at 5:15pm & 6:15pm

Doss Elementary
"No More Space Due to Portables"

Gullett Elementary
1 Under-05/06, 1 Under-07/08  (Restrooms NOT Available)

Highland Park Elementary
1 Under-07/08, 1 Under-09/10  (Restrooms NOT Available)

Hill Elementary
1 Under-05/06(Very Limited Space Due to Portables - No Goals & Restrooms)

Lucy Read Elementary
3 Under-05/06, 2 Under-07/08

Murchison Middle School
Sorry, Not Available to NASA - Community Schools

Pillow Elementary

3 Under-05/06, 2 Under-07/08

Summitt Elementary
Not Scheduled Through NASA but Through: Summitt Elementary at 414-4258 (Shana Pokorny)
1 Under-05/06, 1 Under-07/08

183/MoPac Soccer Park and Quarry Field
Scheduled by ASDG at scheduler@northaustinsoccer.org

Each Location has 1 Under-11+ Field