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Highland Park

Highland Park Practice Schedule
Fall 2018

FYI - When Scheduling a 6:15 or 6:30pm practice, it will be dark after Daylight Saving changes Sunday November 4th, and there will be 1 week left in the season.

Highland Park U-7/8 "Upper" Field #1

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
U-7 Blanco U-08G Patel

U-07 Greene

Highland Park U-9/10/11 "Lower" Field #1
Note - Must Share the Field

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
5:15pm U-10G Herman
U-10G Roberson

U-10G Thomas
U-10G Blanco
U-09 Mason


U-09G Eeds
U-09G Gould


U-10 Gernsbacher

To schedule a practice send an e-mail to with the following info:
  • Coaches Name (Helen Smith)
  • Teams Age (U-8, U-8 Girls, etc.)
  • School/Field (Highland Park U-7/8)
  • Time (5:15)
  • Choices (1st - Cook on Tuesday, 2nd - Cook on Thursday, 3rd - Highland Park on Tuesday)