“A journey begins with a single step.” The journey that you help to start here is possibly the most important since the founding of the North Austin Soccer Alliance. Why?

The bottom line is that NASA needs to build new fields. In the last seven years, NASA has grown from 1,000 players to 1,600 players. That’s 60% growth. During that same time, we have been unable to construct new fields. We’ve tried to find new fields, but as you’ve all seen from your property taxes, the cost of real estate has also increased about $40% during that same time period.

In addition, most of the fields that NASA has are on school property. As the schools grow, more portables are needed and those portables have to be somewhere. Some of the portables are now sitting on space that was previously available for sports use.

On top of that,the watering restrictions and escalating field maintenance expenses have consumed an increasing share of our budget. You can have a look at our expense structure here in the pie chart on the right.

As a result of these “pressures”, NASA is embarking on its first capital fundraising project. It is our objective to raise $2,000,000 for the purposes of acquiring or leasing real estate and/or constructing new fields or expanding existing ones.

We recognize that this will take a while. Help us start today, please.