Special Rules for Under - 13 (11 vs. 11)

Law 1 THE FIELD OF PLAY: The field shall be marked as illustrated. Both team coaches are responsible to assure that fields are readied at least 20 minutes prior to game time.  NOTE: Coaches & players will be on opposite side of field than spectators.

Law 2 THE BALL: Size 5 with stitched cover. Each team will supply 1 game ball.

Law 3 NUMBER OF PLAYERS: Only 11 players from each team on the field at any time, one of whom shall be a goal keeper. The keeper will wear a different jersey tucked in. Players may be substituted by the team with control of the ball on a throw-in, corner kick, goal kick, or kick-off with the Referee's approval. Referees will stop play in the event of an injury and allow substitution for the injured player. Players must Enter and Exit the field from the halfway-line. Each player rostered to a team must play a minimum of 50% of the total game time. U-13/15 can have 18 on the roster. U-16/19 can have 22 on roster but only 18 may be in uniformed and on the field.

Law 4 PLAYERS' EQUIPMENT: Rubber cleated soccer shoes and shin guards are required. Shin guards are to be worn UNDER the socks and the jersey tucked in. Players may not wear watches, necklaces, earrings, rings, or other jewelry. The players names "Will Not" be allowed on the jerseys - this is for the safety of the players.

Law 5 REFEREES: NASA will furnish referees. The decision of the Referee shall be final.

Law 6 ASSISTANT REFEREES: NASA will provide two (2) Assistant Referees if possible. If one is not available, each team shall provide a linesman to assist the Referee in calling "ball-outs".

Law 7 DURATION OF THE GAME: Game shall be divided into two (2) halves of thirty-five (35) minutes each with a fifteen (15) minute break between halves for U13/14, U15/16 - 40 minute halves and U17/19 - 45 minute halves.

Law 8 THE START OF PLAY: Conform to FIFA. The ball on kick-off no longer has to go forward.


Law 10 METHOD OF SCORING: Conform to FIFA.

Law 11 OFF-SIDE: Conform to FIFA.

Law 12 FOULS AND MISCONDUCT: Conform to FIFA. CHARGING THE GOALKEEPER.  "Charging" is defined as intentional, non-violent, shoulder to shoulder contact while the ball is within playing distance.  In all age divisions there shall be no charging or intentional or reckless contact with the goalkeeper in any manner whatsoever.  Any such act will be considered at least as "dangerous play" with restart by indirect free kick for GK.

Law 13 FREE-KICK: Conform to FIFA.

Law 14 PENALTY-KICK: Conform to FIFA.

Law 15 THROW-IN: Conform to FIFA.

Law 16 GOAL-KICK: Conform to FIFA.

Law 17 CORNER-KICK: Conform to FIFA. A goal may be scored from a corner kick subject to Law 10 restrictions.

ADDITIONAL NASA ASSOCIATION RULES: Referees will keep score during games, scores will be forwarded for league standings. Coaches and parents are to be reminded that the purpose of this program is to develop the individual player's ball control skills, not to gather an impressive team victory record.

*** Relax and Let The Kids Enjoy THEIR Game ***

Andy Martin,
Jun 22, 2010, 7:07 PM