US Youth Soccer Official Under 07/08 4v4 Playing Rules

CAYSA Rule:  No deliberate heading of ball under U-12; restart is indirect free kick for dangerous play

Law 1 THE FIELD OF PLAY: The dimensions and marking of the field shall be as illustrated. The size of the goal will be 4½' High x 9' Wide. Both team coaches are responsible to assure that the field is properly marked and ready for play at least 20 minutes prior to game time.  NOTE: Coaches & players will be on opposite side of field than spectators.

Law 2 THE BALL: Size 3 with stitched cover. Circumference between 23-24 inches and weigh between 11-12 ounces. Each team will supply 1 game ball.

Law 3 NUMBER OF PLAYERS: Maximum of 4 players from each team on the field at any one time. Maximum of 8 players on the roster. There are "NO" Goalkeepers. Players may be substituted by either team any time the ball is out of play - with the Referee's approval. Referees will stop play in the event of an injury and allow substitution for the injured player. Players must Enter and Exit the field from the halfway-line. Each player rostered to a team SHALL play a minimum of 50% of the total playing time. Coaches are encouraged, but not required, to "platoon" their substitutions at the quarters as a means of convenient compliance with this rule. NOTE: Goal Tending (positioning a player in front of your own goal for the sole purpose of keeping the opposition team from scoring) is not allowed. Teams and games may be coed.

Law 4 PLAYERS' EQUIPMENT: Tennis shoes or soft-cleated soccer shoes. Shinguards are MANDATORY. Shinguards are to be worn UNDER the socks and the jersey tucked in. Players may not wear watches, necklaces, earrings, rings, or other jewelry. The players names "Will Not" be allowed on the jerseys - this is for the safety of the players.

Law 5 REFEREES: If a referee is not provided, opposing coaches shall each Referee half of the game. A coach may designate an assistant to serve in his place with the opposing Coaches approval. Their job is to keep the playing environment FUN, SAFE and focused on the child. Duties are to keep time, enforce the rules, stop and restart play. When you stop play for a foul or other reason, take the time to explain to the players WHY! This may be their first experience with soccer, too, and the best time to educate all on the Laws of The Game. NASA will furnish a referee as they become available through our training program.

Law 6 ASSISTANT REFEREES: Not used in small-sided game.

Law 7 DURATION OF THE GAME: Game shall be divided into equal halves. Two twenty (20) minute periods with five (5) minute break at half. Note: May play ten (10) minute quarters if temperatures warrant.

Law 8 THE START OF PLAY: Conform to FIFA except that opposing players shall be five (5) yards from the center mark while kick-off is in progress. The ball on kick-off no longer has to go forward.

NASA Rule:  A goal may NOT be scored directly from the kickoff.  If the ball should cross the goal line without first touching another player, a goal kick shall be awarded to the defending team. 

Law 9 BALL IN AND OUT OF PLAY: Conform to FIFA - Ball must completely cross line to be "out of play". Ball is "in play" if any part of the ball is on or above the line.

Law 10 METHOD OF SCORING: Conform to FIFA.  Recommend that players from the scoring team follow play into the attacking half of the field - intended to discourage the placement of players directly in front of the goal when the rest of the team is attacking - Ball must completely cross goal line between posts and beneath crossbar to count.

Law 11 OFF-SIDE: There is no off-side in small-sided games. NOTE: Cherry Picking (positioning a player in front of the opposing teams goal for the sole purpose of scoring) will not be allowed.

Law 12 FOULS AND MISCONDUCT: Conform to FIFA except that all fouls and misconduct shall result in an indirect free-kick with the opponents at least five (5) yards from the ball before kick is allowed. All infractions shall be explained to the players involved prior to the direct kick.

Law 13 FREE-KICKS: Conform to FIFA except that all kicks are indirect and the opponents must be five (5) yards away from the ball before kick is allowed.

Law 14 PENALTY-KICKS: There are no Penalty Kicks in small-sided games.

Law 15 THROW-IN: Conform to FIFA with the exception that an improperly performed throw-in can be retaken once.

Law 16 GOAL-KICK: Conform to CAYSA - All opposing players retreat to their own half for goal kicks. Opposing players can enter the half the moment the ball is back in play.  

Law 17 CORNER-KICK: Conform to FIFA - If team defending the goal last touches the ball before it crosses goal line, the attacking team puts it into play with a direct kick, with the ball inside the corner arc with the opponents at least five (5) yards from the ball. A goal may be scored from a corner kick subject to Law 10 restrictions.

ADDITIONAL NASA ASSOCIATION RULES: Although 'slide tackling' is legal, for safety concerns NASA does not allow it in this age group. Referees will keep score during games, but league standings"Will Not" be kept for these age groups. Coaches and parents are to be reminded that the purpose of this program is to develop the individual player's ball control skills, not to gather an impressive team victory record. No alcoholic beverages or smoking will be allowed near the playing area.

*** Relax and Let The Kids Enjoy THEIR Game ***