Rain Out Numbers and Policy

NASA (Burnet U-5 to U-8 Fields / Cook U-10 Fields / Lucy Read U-5 to U-8 Fields)northaustinsoccer.org
St Francis - Burnet Football Field - Quarry Field - St Louis - 183/MoPac1-512-240-2615
CAYSA - Manor302-4580
CC United259-4676
NEMP(Northeast Metro Park)854-9489
Pflugerville (PAYSL)251-6987
Round Rock255-3426
Town & Country498-4636
Williamson County Regional Park943-1299

Cancellations of games due to inclement weather will be made according to the following procedures: 

  • Decisions for Saturday play (Burnet/Cook/Pillow) will begin on Friday evening and posted on the NASA website and to our rain out number 371-3655 mailbox #2. If a current dated message is not posted, the assumption is that the games will be played as scheduled.
  • Saturday updates will begin at 7:00am and again at noon if necessary.
  • Sunday updates will begin at 11:00am.
  • The update will verify which fields are effected. Games may be cancelled at some locations and not others for all or part of a day. Because it is raining at the Cook fields, it could be sunny at Pillow Elem.
  • Only one person from each team should call the rain out number, then pass it on to the rest of their team.
  • If a NASA team is playing a non-NASA team, it is the responsibility of the NASA team to contact the visiting team and keep them informed.
  • For rescheduling, view our cancellation / rescheduling policy.