Volunteers Needed!


NASA is a registered not-for-profit 501(c3) corporation.  For the last several years we have operated with a budget deficit.  The registration fees we have collected have not been sufficient to cover our operating expenses. Although we have some reserve funds to draw on, this situation cannot continue.  

To help close this budget gap, we are planing to embark on an effort to raise money to help fund two important NASA activities

Scholarship Fund

Every Season, NASA gives scholarships to hundreds of families so that their children, who otherwise could not afford the registration fees, can play soccer. We need to raise money to fund these scholarships

Capital Improvement Fund

There are several capital improvement projects that we would like to undertake in the coming years.  We need to purchase a new mower, to reduce our reliance on paid contractors for mowing.  Backstop nets need replacing at St. Francis.   Irrigation systems, which we installed at various schools many years ago, will soon need to be replaced. We need to raise money to fund these important projects. 

Help Needed

If you are energetic, connected, and/or have experience with fundraising, we could use your help. Please use the form on the right to volunteer.

Field Stewards

The fields that NASA plays on need constant monitoring. Equipment gets damaged,  irrigation systems malfunction, goals and nets get left unsecured, acts of vandalism damage the fields.  In the past board members have tried to keep an eye on the fields and take action as needed, but we're finding that this informal approach is not completely effective. 

This season, we are looking for a volunteer to act as a steward for each of our main fields:   Cook Burnet, Pillow, and Lucy Reed.    This volunteer would be asked to visit the field at least once per week, during the 12 week spring season - preferably on Saturday afternoon after the Saturday games, check that all equipment is locked up, and report any apparent problems with equipment, field conditions, irrigation, etc. using a simple web-based form.    If you would be willing to to do this, you would be doing a great service for NASA.  Please use the form on the right to volunteer.

Board Members

We are especially in need of a new secretary on the board, a liaison to work with AISD and Parks & Recreation, field managers, and community outreach volunteers.