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2021 Board of Directors Candidates

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NASA and our city of Austin have had a challenging year navigating the demands of the Covid pandemic. Now there's an opportunity to revitalize NASA for North Austin's kids and begin a new era of recreational soccer in our community. I'm running for President of NASA to work with our families, volunteers, and partners so we can restore NASA's health and get our kids back on the field to enjoy the game we love in a safe, healthy, and fun manner. I envision a robust recreational soccer program that we all support and seeing our kids wear those NASA jerseys with pride. 


I'm asking for your vote and for your engagement so we can strengthen North Austin Soccer Alliance and promote recreational soccer opportunities for our community's children. 



Vice President

I joined the Board in 2019. My daughter has played for NASA for several years and recently, they needed a coach for her team. I stepped up to coached her team and it was a great experience. As a first time coach for NASA, I’ve learned that working as a team is what it is important. I believe every kid deserves to play and NASA gives the opportunity. Then, recently I started to attend NASA meetings and it was a fun experience discussing soccer ideas. I am thankful to be part of NASA so I can be involved in my community and help children in a soccer environment.



Vice President

Shane Lewis has coached youth soccer in North Austin for over 15 years and has served on the NASA Board since 2008.  He grew up playing on the rock hard "soccer fields" of Dallas suburbs in the 1970s, coached by parents who had never seen an actual game.  In happier times, he can be found playing rec league games alongside some NASA players who started in our U6/7 leagues.  Primary interest in serving on the Board is to help ensure that field maintenance projects remain cost effective.  He hopes some of the hard lessons of failed Covid victory gardens can benefit the organization's field maintenance efforts moving forward. 




Like most of our coaches, I had never played in a soccer game before I got the call letting me know that my son's team needed a coach. Thanks to that call, I have been coaching with NASA for nearly two decades and active on the Board for about half of that. I am committed to NASA's mission of providing soccer opportunities to the widest possible range of youth players in order to lay the groundwork for a lifelong participation in the sport. I view recreational soccer as the critical strategy to achieve those goals. My goal as a Board member in the coming year would be to continue broaden participation in club activities and to continue to expand the resources available to our coaches and players.




I welcome the opportunity to serve on the NASA board in appreciation of the soccer activities my boys have benefited from.  I only played soccer one year as a kid, on my junior high team at O’Henry, but a played a lot of rec soccer as an adult and have coached teams for all three of my boys for most of the past 15 years. I currently coach my youngest son’s U17 team (he’s played on a NASA team since we moved back to Austin in 2016). 


Recreational sports can provide so many good things to kids in terms of camaraderie, fitness, overcoming adversity, and fresh air. NASA provides these opportunities to kids and, from my experience, has a holistic view of recreational sports that emphasizes health and well-being and personal development and fun.  I want to give back to the organization and help move foreword as we navigate these strange times. I am offering my time and energy over the next year and hope to bring an inquisitive and collaborative problem-solving approach to the “Team” that is the board. Thank you for considering me as a candidate.

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