Fall U6-10 Practice Schedules

To schedule a practice send an e-mail to Lee@northaustinsoccer.org with the following info:

  • Coach's Full Name

  • Team's Age Group (i.e. U-5, U-8 Girls, etc.)

  • School/Field (i.e. Pillow U-6 #2)

  • Time (Please only request one of the available time slots listed below)

  • Choices ranked by preference (i.e. 1st choice - Pillow on Tuesday, 2nd - Pillow on Thursday, 3rd - Burnet on Tuesday)

  • Please note: Only Burnet has lights. The later we get in the season, the earlier sunset will happen.

Burnet Middle School

Cook Elementary School

Gullett Elementary School

Highland Park Elementary School

Pillow Elementary School