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Resources for coaches and managers


Carrie Patton is NASA's Coaching Commissioner. For coaching tips and managerial help, reach out to her at or visit her excellent Team Scoreboard coaching resources page.

Thank you for volunteering to coach or manage a NASA team. Without volunteers like you, NASA could not succeed. NASA's staff and board of directors wants to provide you with every resource possible to make the experience enjoyable for you, your players, and their families.

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U5 to U10 coaches

At the U10 and younger level, coaching is pretty simple. Your games are entirely against other NASA teams, played on fields in north Austin on Saturdays. Carrie Patton ( is commissioner for these age levels and handles team formation, game and practice scheduling and other needs you may have.

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U11 to U19 coaches and managers

Leading a team at the U11 and older levels are a bit more complex, but don't worry - NASA is happy to guide you through the process. Contact for questions regarding U11 and older.

At these age levels, teams play both teams from both NASA and other clubs in the Capitol Area Youth Soccer Association. Teams will have to travel more and play on both Saturdays and Sundays.

At this level, teams need both a coach and a manager - don't try to do both jobs yourself!

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