Resources for coaches and managers

Thank you for volunteering to coach or manage a NASA team. Without volunteers like you, NASA could not succeed. NASA's staff and board of directors wants to provide you with every resource possible to make the experience enjoyable for you, your players, and their families.

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U5 to U10 coaches

At the U10 and younger level, coaching is pretty simple. Your games are entirely against other NASA teams, played on fields in north Austin on Saturdays. Rick Jacobsen ( is commissioner for these age levels and handles team formation, game and practice scheduling and other needs you may have.

Resources that you may find helpful:

US Youth Soccer Coaching Resources - Full lesson plans for all age groups, tips for first-time coaches, rules of the game and more

Coaches Forum - Internet discussion group where NASA coaches may exchange information 

Standings for U9-10 <LINK HERE>

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U11 to U19 coaches and managers

Leading a team at the U11 and older levels are a bit more complex, but don't worry - NASA is happy to guide you through the process. NASA Executive Director Lee Nichols (512-796-9877 and is the commissioner for U11 and older.

At these age levels, teams play both teams from both NASA and other clubs in the Capitol Area Youth Soccer Association. Teams will have to travel more and play on both Saturdays and Sundays.

At this level, teams need both a coach and a manager - don't try to do both jobs yourself!


Coaches focus on player development and planning of practice sessions. This US Youth Soccer Coaching Resources page has full lesson plans for all age groups, tips for first-time coaches, rules of the game and more.

Schedule a practice field and timeFill out the form. Your responses will be sent to Lee Nichols and he'll notify when the practice schedule is ready.

Get assistance from Challenger Sports: NASA has a contract with Challenger Sports for professional coaching assistance and membership. Schedule a training session with Challenger (it's free!) by clicking here.<LINK TO CHALLENGER WEB FORM>

Coaches Forum - Internet discussion group where NASA coaches may exchange information 


Managers handle scheduling, printing game cards, paying referees (NASA provides the funds), first-aid kits, and more.

How to schedule HOME matches

Game cards: Print the game card (found on GotSoccer) withing 24 hours of your game. If you are the home team, you are responsible for bringing the card to the game. (Good advice: Just to be safe, print one for your away games as well.) After the game, the winning team (or in case of a draw, the home team) is responsible for mailing the card to CAYSA at the address shown on the card. Please do this immediately after the game. If you'd like the results to appear on GotSoccer quicker, use the QR code, but you still must mail the card in.

Paying the referees: The home team is responsible for paying. You will receive cash before the season starts from NASA administrator Rick Jacobsen. If a match is canceled at the last minute.

Canceling home matches: If a match cannot be played for reasons other than weather, the manager must notify the NASA scheduler no later than 72 hours before the scheduled kick-off. If the cancellation happens closer than 72 hours, a representative of the team must show up at the field to pay the referees. Extra money for rescheduled games may be obtained by contacting Rick Jacobsen (

Rescheduling home matches must be done through the NASA scheduler. Do not reschedule matches on your own.

Player cards: Players must have laminated player cards at every match. The registrar will provide them, and then the manager must attach a 1¼" x 1¼" photo to the card, have the player sign it, and then laminate. The manager will keep these cards and take them to the games.

Medical forms: You will be responsible for having a copy of each player's medical form. They will be turned in to you, NOT the registrar. It's a good idea to make copies of the medical forms for each of your coaches as well as they may need the information at a practice when you might not be able to make it.