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How to schedule home matches

Step 1: Reserving a field


Once you have received your proposed match schedule from your CAYSA VP, you may request a date for your home matches by completing this on-line form. You will fill out a separate form for each individual match. Remember, the schedule from CAYSA is just a suggested framework to help you get started. If the dates CAYSA suggested don't work for you, request a date that does. Please only request dates, but not specific times (but under "conflict" you may mark off times when you cannot play).

Your requests will show up in this Home Match spreadsheet.

Step 2: Communicate with your opponents


Once the status of your request in the Home Match spreadsheet says "Scheduled," you must communicate with your opponents. Send an email or phone call to your opponents with the assigned date and time. Ask them to confirm that the proposed date and time will work for them. If it will not work for them, let the scheduler know and we will propose a new date/time.


Step 3: Confirm with the field scheduler


Let the NASA/ASDG field scheduler know that the match has been confirmed with the opposing team, by sending an email to or (the two addresses go to the same place). Once you have informed the scheduler that the game is confirmed, the status will be changed to "Confirmed."


In all emails, please include your team's name (as it appears on the Home Match spreadsheet), and the number of the match you are confirming.  


For NASA teams, the field scheduler will then update the match info in GotSoccer. For RCR teams, Caren Benouis will update the match info in GotSoccer. Once the match is entered into GotSoccer, the status will be changed to "Entered." You will need the match entered into GotSoccer in order to print a game card, so please don't leave this until the day before the match.




1. All of the above applies ONLY to scheduling HOME matches. The NASA/ASDG scheduler has no authority over or knowledge of your away matches. Your away opponents should be contacting you for scheduling. If they do not, you should reach out to them or contact your division's CAYSA VP (look him/her up at


2. Regarding NASA/RCR home matches, if you see conflicting information between the CAYSA GotSoccer website and the NASA spreadsheet, you should assume that the NASA spreadsheet is correct. The final authority on NASA home field scheduling is NASA, not CAYSA or GotSoccer. (If you do see incorrect home match info, please contact both your opponents and the NASA scheduler and let them know the correct info.)

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