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Referees: How to Schedule Games and Get Paid

How to schedule a game:

  1. Go to the referees page.

  2. You will see the field matrix for Burnet and Pillow with the date of the current games being scheduled, time of games and referee openings.

  3. Below the matrix is the field layout.

  4. Pick a time, age group and school you want to referee.  You can request between 2-3 games per day.  We will only be scheduling one week at a time.

  5. Send an e-mail to with your availability by Monday or Tuesday before the Saturday games (phone calls will not be accepted for scheduling of games).

  6. Names of scheduled referees will be posted on the field matrix showing:

    • date of games scheduled

    • location of fields (school)

    • time of game

    • age group of game

  7.   Names will be posted/updated on a first come - first served basis by Wednesday evening

  8.   Please check your schedule Thursday & Friday evening

Note:  re-check the schedule Saturday morning in case some changes may have been made.


What to do after you have your schedule:

  1.   Fill out your game slips for each game with the following information:

    • your name

    • date of game

    • location of game

    • field number


After you arrive at the field:

  1.   Arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your first game

  2.   Introduce yourself to both coaches and write their last names (not the mascot name) under “team name” on your game slip

  3.   Check the players in and start the game

  4.   At the end of the game thank the coaches and have one of them sign your game slip


How to get paid:

  1.   Make a copy of your game slips and save for your records

  2.   Mail the original game slips each Monday to:   NASA   PO Box 26735   Austin, Tx 78755 (Note:  we will not accept e-mails with games refereed – paid only from game slips)

  3.   Checks will be mailed on Friday after the 3rd, 6th and last game of the season.


If you have questions or problems:

  1.   If you need to talk with the Coleen, referee assigner, call 512-454-1816 and calls will be returned on Wednesday evenings between 6pm and 9pm

  2.   If you have a problem on the field call Rick Jacobsen at 512-627-3327


Rainouts will be posted Saturday mornings at 7:15am

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